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Having some extra time on my hands before cons means a new bandana design! Will have a few at BronyCon with the rest going up on Etsy in August. #bats #screen printing

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While adjusting to a new FT job, I finally got a decent sketchbook holder and it is the best thing ever. All my pens in ONE PLACE. Now I am ready to take over the world.

Blitz screen printed around 120 bandanas yesterday. Here are the color comparisons of the Pegasus and Alicorn designs. The ink is special on the center + right bandana as it’s a sparkly, pearlescent pink! ~Very Fancy~ Other than some minor clean up work, I’m ready for BronyCon!

So get ready for some actual illustrations in the near future now that my con grunt work is over :)

I was able to get a free fake suede swatch of a personal design from SpoonFlower. The print quality is pretty nice! Wondering if it’s worth making some designs available or designing new patterns….

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Evolution. This one’s going to need some clean up work… also might do a 4th for the series to round out the bones motif. #WIP #pencil

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