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It’s that time of year again… to bind a bazillion books! For upcoming cons & the holiday season.

Remember this? Probably not but I do b/c its been sitting in a neglected pile of art that will be ignored no more! Hoping to get this done for an alumni show before the end of August :B #WIP #pencil #illustration

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BronyCon: #1 known killer of Tumblr followers

Nothing quite like posting 2 whole entries in a weekend about a My Little Pony convention that causes you to lose multiple followers it seems. Considering I probably won’t be doing another brony convention anytime soon (if ever again), it would be their loss I suppose? Ah well.

My brief review: BronyCon was one of the better run cons I’ve been to. With final attendee count being slightly under 10k and the con itself only a few years old, it wasn’t too shabby. I personally had no troubles as a vendor beyond specific quibbles such as being stuck in the back of the vendor hall facing a wall. It made for a very boring view if nothing else. I was impressed by the sheer variety of different vendors. Even ones selling similar items still had different styles so no area seemed to blend together into an indistinguishable mass, which can be an issue at some conventions.

The problems people usually have with Bronies were not apparent at BronyCon. The con goes out of its way to make it very family friendly in just about every aspect. A kid’s only room that looked packed with extras like kids getting free autographs from special guests in certain panels. I was also impressed by the use of Green/Yellow/Red badges for those who wished to non-verbally state how they would like to interact with others. Everyone I dealt with from BronyCon staff to con security were very accommodating and the attendees were friendly all around.  

I enjoyed meeting all the kids who mostly came out Saturday and Sunday. Every single one of them was thrilled beyond belief to be there and that alone made the whole thing worth it in my opinion.

And now back to regularly scheduled arting. Baltimore Comic-Con and Small Press Expo are up next for the foreseeable future.

(Actually, I’m a changeling!) #bronycon (at BronyCon)

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Almost out of dragon bandanas @BronyCon not sure if I’ll print anymore! 3 Silvers + 5 golds left at table 1207

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