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Work in progress. There’s about 4/5 more sheepskin to do, which I have been drawing around as much as possible ~@3@~ #pencil

· pencil ·

Another word test, which was better than I hoped but not what I expected. Totally just drawing feathers & text separately to smoosh together in PS later. This drawing text in feather veining is for the birds. #typography #pencil

· pencil · typography ·

Been really anxious about everything lately but here’s a lettering test for a Halloween piece that’s in the works. #typography

· typography ·


I’m at Small Press Expo this weekend with titaniummelon at table G3 (we’re kid friendly)! Come by for some minis, handmade books, commissions and prints.

This will be my last con as an exhibitor for a very long while. I’ll always have my Etsy store up and I may do some local craft shows but that’ll be it till maybe this time next year. So come say hello while you’ve got the chance ;D


Got my table assignment today! I’ll be sharing with titaniummelon and lostsquid

It’s September 5 - 7 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Come and see us and buy lots of things!

Hey hey, Baltimore Comic-Con is going on next weekend and I will be there with these lovely people! Come see us :D

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